Considerations & Etiquette

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For both of our safety and comfort it is required that you shower at my incall before our session commences. Although, if you can confirm that you have had a shower within an hour of our booking I can respect that. I have body wash for you to use, but you can also bring your own, and I will also have mouth wash if kissing is in the midst. Long fingernails or dirty fingernails will prevent you from exploring me internally as well. Ouch for my lady bits 😉

As I’m sure you’re aware, this is my livelihood and career so cancellations are a huge detriment to my income. That time might have been able to be filled by someone else and I lose minimum $100. Therefore, an appointment cancellation any less than 24 hours will require a $50 fee payable by e-transfer or in person on top of our session fee. I understand crazy things happen, but unless it’s an extremely serious reason this policy will be enforced. If this is not respected any future bookings will be rejected until payment is received.

My only methods of communication I utilize are text or email. I will not pick up any phone calls for discretionary reasons. While I do accept texts and emails I do not tolerate haggling, sending “hello??” or “???” if I don’t answer immediately. Like many millennials, I am glued to my phone. Despite that, sometimes I am either unavailable or asleep. I always strive to respond in a timely manner so retain your patience, please.

Now that it is legal (also before haha) I love to partake in a bit of the devil’s lettuce. For safety reasons, unless you are a regular or bring a sealed joint box from a dispensary, I will not smoke or ingest anything you bring. You are more than welcome to bring it to the session yourself though. I also enjoy having a few drinks together to help us relax. Naturally, we are both adults and need to ensure that we respect our body’s limits by not getting overly high or intoxicated. Wine is normally a great easy drink to bring and I love fruity reds, whites, or rosé.I also love sour beers or stouts by Nickelbrook Brewery.

I accept e-transfer or cash as payment for my time. When sending an e-transfer DO NOT write anything explicit or sexual in the notes of it. That could get both our accounts flagged and shut down. For e-transfers and cash I require it before our session begins to prevent scamming. Specifically for cash, place it on the table once you arrive and we won’t have to worry about it.

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Sensual Massage

Two steamy showers, my naked body massaging your naked body, slippery body slides, reverse massage (you feeling up all my curves) and a sensual manual finish

60 mins - $220
90 mins - $260
2 hours - $340
2.5 hours - $420
3 hours - $520
3.5 hours - $600
4 hours - $680
5 hours - $860
6 hours - $1,000
(Add $100/hr for couples)

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GFE Services

A lovely girlfriend experience that involves cuddling, mutual covered oral, intercourse and showers for two to wind down after. I am not offering kissing at this time due to the health risks because of the virus.

60 mins - $320
90 mins - $420
2 hours - $560
2.5 hours - $700
3 hours - $840
4 hours - $1,120
5 hours - $1,400
6 hours - $1,700
(Add $100/hr for couples)

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Kinky Indulgence Additions

Want to spice up our session or get to know my naughty pornstar side? Inquire with me if these can be added to our session. There are no exact prices as I create one depending on the experience and how many additions we add. I try to be as organic and in the moment as possible but these need to be discussed before we do them to respect consent and donation, respectively. 🌹

Hair Pulling
Light Choking
Foot Fetish
Prostate Massage
Golden Shower (on you)
MMF, MFM, or MFF Threesomes

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For Intimacy Without Sexy Time

Take me out to coffee or perhaps we can go to a lovely dinner and on a moonlit walk. The weather is getting colder and I'd love to go for a skate on the canal and split a beaver tail Lady and the Tramp style. Not up to going out? We could also stay in at my incall and cook together. I make a lovely rosemary garlic butter steak.

30 mins - $50
45 mins - $80
60 mins - $100
90 mins - $140
2 hours - $200
2.5 hours - $240
3 hours - $280
3.5 hours - $340
4 hours - $380
5 hours - $480
6 hours - $580 + and up

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Put my linguistic skills to the test when you’re at work and feeling extra horny or when you’re at home visiting your favourite lady Palmela Handerson (aka masturbating).


scarlett 008

Scarlett Rose stole my fantasies and created a world of intimacy and desire that some men can only dream of. From the moment she opened the door and allowed her robe to slightly open to reveal the sensual flesh that was to be unleashed on me, to the soft and tender goodbye kiss as I left, i was her’s. The conversations were light and insightful, her humour was witty and sarcastic and her music set the mood of the oncoming dance of oil and sensual touch. We washed each other as if would be the last time either of us would feel the touch of flesh under our fingers. Only leaving the sanctity of the shower to continue our erotic dance elsewhere. We each laid upon the table, taking turns spreading oil onto every part of each other’s bodies.

Full Review – TERB
(May have been edited for space)

Sir Smitty

I came across Scarlett via Twitter, and after finding a few reviews, decided to book some time with her. Beautiful girl with a beautiful body–perfect full breasts, soft skin and an incredible bottom with… dimples. I was instantly at ease with her. Great personality, and she can talk in interesting ways about pretty much anything under the sun. The session was great. She’s relaxed and skilled and provides a great GF experience. Will definitely see her again. She also spoke very positively about ALO, which was also a plus, given recent debates about what goes on at other spas. But my main point is that Scarlett Rose is well worth seeing.

Full Review – TERB
(May have been edited for space)

Vox Kettner

Talking, cuddling, and a sense of affection are the keys to a gfe session for me. My time with Scarlett was wonderful! Even days afterwards, when I think back upon our session, I feel so good. She gave me memories which lift my emotions, and help me feel good about life.

Full Review – TERB
(May have been edited for space)


I’ve seen her beautiful smile in some of her posted pictures but I was unprepared for the beautiful eyes that accompany it. They are green with a hint of blue and it’s easy to get lost in them. She met me in the lobby at Brass and I immediately noticed that she had remembered to wear the outfit we had discussed. I like that kind of attention to detail! Scarlett is not a spinner but has lovely womanly curves that are quite effective during her massage. She also enjoys receiving massage and I was happy to oblige. Scarlett is bubbly, intelligent, and talkative and makes you feel at ease through the whole session. She is careful to ensure adequate time is available for the different activities she has planned.

Full Review – TERB
(May have been edited for space)


I won’t go into too much detail about our session but a few things… Scarlett is someone who’s just so easy and open, loves to chat and witty as heck. Scarlett had told me the night before she just absolutely loves to massage people and it shows. This girl really loves her job and loves to make other people happy. The 1 hour session continued and lived up to everything I was expecting. The stories are true gentlemen, all of them. Scarlett delivers and in spades! As I headed down the elevator and onto the bustling street below, my mind stayed up there, in the Brass Room with Scarlett, as though the moment was frozen in time.

Full Review – TERB
(May have been edited for space)

Sammy Smalls

For some reason, Scarlett’s tweets always manages to do it for me. Along with Lephturn’s glowing review and her self-admission to being a squirter, I had to pay her a visit. Her measurements are true (seriously biggest set of natural juggs I’ve seen at Brass so far), with no tats and one belly piercing. She’s cute, soft spoken, and her demeanor reminds me of a college girl who gets good grades, and does something like crochet for a hobby. You would never guess she’s an MA, and when you find out, it’s hot, it’s really hot.

Full Review – TERB
(May have been edited for space)

Gary Oak

What is there left to say…other than go see her for yourself.
Scarlett Rose is a real GFE. Texting is prompt and on point. She was present during the session and made me feel at ease. Smelled really good.

My first time seeing her and had a great time. I will repeat.

Full Review – TERB
(May have been edited for space)